Imagine: Answers you won’t find anywhere else

Strictly speaking, you don’t get a single answer.

The interactive change letter does not send you answers in the sense of solutions or instructions.

Most self-help newsletters work with instructions.

Whether it’s losing weight, building wealth, or raising children:

Do this, don’t do that.

That often doesn’t do much good.

Because it comes from the outside.

The most effective insights are those we develop ourselves.

That’s why the Change Letter doesn’t provide canned answers.

It sends a question email to subscribers every week on Wednesday:

What are your concerns and questions this week? What do you want to change?

Person X asks how she, as a department manager, can mediate a dispute between people on her company’s team. The counter-questions could be: What outcomes would be conceivable if she actively intervened as a mediator? How much initiative would the parties to the dispute then have? And what would be the effect if, instead of actively intervening with the aim of ending the dispute, she chose a different path … in which the parties to the dispute would develop an interest in reaching an agreement of their own accord …

In the course of a week, questions are received. I write counter-questions to these. The questions and the counter-questions are the content of the Change Letter on the following Wednesday.

So you, as a subscriber, can be sure that you keep moving mentally and find solutions that are not available anywhere else. Because these solutions originate in your mind. All you get from outside are suggestions to temporarily leave the previous thinking pattern.

This is the gold standard of Change.

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